Website Designing



Have you ever wondered that why your favorite website looks so good? Have you ever thought how it looks so good? And ever thought that “can you do that”?

This is all because of frond end web designing. Front end web designing includes different programming languages which can make your web site as you desire on web browser.


  HTML (Hyper text markup language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is considered as web development languages which can help you design your website otherwise it was just an unformatted plain text on your screen. These languages can help you make your website look good and have some designing on it. Before starting to your web development path you will have to get solid working knowledge on these languages.

The best part is solid knowledge of HTML and CSS will let you build basic website.


                   Now if you want to add some functionality on your website you can use java script. Java script is another language which you can use with HTML and CSS to build a basic website with good design and some functionality. Java script will help you add a lot of interactive elements in your website.



JQuery is java script library. It provides different plug-ins and extensions which you can add to make you working with java script code easier and faster. You don’t have to write all the code from scratch you can just add ready-made element in your project.

Java script Framework:

                                     JS (Java script) framework includes AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, ReactJS and etc. These frameworks give you whole ready-made structure of your java script code. There are different frameworks which you can use according to your need. These frameworks boost up your development and give you a jump start.

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