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If You Are A Business And You Are Not Online You Are Likely To Be Left Behind

We will create an updated website for your business to enhance your local presence to make sure that  our clients are well served. We have the best team of web developers in Dubai, Uae to complete the most valuable projects. With an experience of developing over 500 websites for our clients worldwide, we have learned a lot.

Let the Best Web Development Company take care of your website. 

Web development in Dubai was still a novel concept a decade ago. The businessmen were not aware of the importance of an online presence. The top software houses in Dubai, UAE to convince the business industry to buy their services. If we compare the past couple of years with the previous decade, we will know that this industry is now changing rapidly. A lot of organizations are hiring fresh graduates from reputed organizations, and they are revolutionizing the business models in Dubai. This is one reason many people are now interested in the web development services in Dubai. 


What would a website get me? Why should I invest in getting a website? Why is it so expensive when most freelancers are doing it in a few thousand rupees? These are some of the most common questions you will encounter when you are convincing a businessman to buy your web development services. Luckily, we are working worldwide, and we are yet to face these questions. However, I am sharing some facts and figures that will allow you to decide if a website can actually benefit you in your business or not. 

It would be too optimist to share the names of the billionaires who got rich by creating innovative websites and getting them ranked on Google. The reason I am still sharing those names is to answer the first question that if a website can make you a billionaire? Jeff Bezos (The owner of Amazon), Sergey Brin (The co-founder of Google), Mark Zuckerburg (The owner of Facebook) and Jack Ma (The owner of AliBaba) are only a few among many. In fact, Jeff Bezos has been the richest man in the world several times beating the famous Bill Gates. If you are thinking these guys just got lucky, then read the following list of top-earning websites in Dubai.

Top Earning Websites In Dubai:

Let us now take an example of the locally made websites that are earning in millions. Websites such as dubizel.com, urdupoint.com, propertyfinder.ae better than any offline store in dubai. The young owners of these websites have shown us the benefits of being online. We are still not mentioning online startups like propertyfinder.ae and delsonwheels.com that have revolutionized the real estate and automobile industry. I personally met some of the richest automobile businessmen a few years back and they rejected the idea of going online via a website. Now they are paying dealsonwheels.com in millions to stay relevant in the market. 

How Can A Website Bring You Business?

Now that you are closer to accepting the benefits of a website. You must be thinking how this could possibly increase your sales and get you more clients. If I make it brief, you are visiting this page online, and I am likely to get a new client in a few minutes. Millions of people are searching for services or products that you are selling offline. Consider having a website that is ranked well on Google and that appears when these people are searching. You will definitely get more leads and sales. Another example of the same concept is posting ads on Zameen.com and Olx.com. Most real estate agents do that. Most also pay them to be featured on the homepage. This is exactly how you can also get ranked and sale the unique services or the products you have. 

What To Do Next? Is My Business Also Fit For A Website?

There is another question that many business owners think of. Most do not know if they can also get more sales online. For example, the lawyers or the doctors might not know that hundreds of people are looking for their services online. More than 1000 people search for these services daily, only in Dubai, UAE. So, one way is to contact us right now and discuss the details. We will tell you how your business can be taken to the next level. If you are looking to analyze it yourself, then categorize it first. For example, find out if your services are under the category of real estate, marketing agency, health-related products or services, travel and tour, booking and hoteling, buying and selling or something else. Then do a search on Google under the same category using different keywords. 
As an example, I am assuming a business of printing and press. I assume that I am categorized as a marketing agency. I will find out my competitors by typing one of these keywords. 
  1. Printing press in Dubai (Or your city)
  2. Marketing agencies in Dubai 
  3. Banner ads printing in Dubai 
  4. Visitng cars printing in Dubai 
This is how people are actually looking for your services and most of your competitors are engaging them. The question is, why are you not joining the party? 


This could be the most reassuring article that you can read about the importance of an online presence. It doesn't matter where your business is at this point. What matters is where would it be in the next five or ten years? If you are a keen observer, you would know that propertyfinder.com and dealsonwheels.com were struggling five years ago. They are multi-million dollar companies today. In my opinion, investing in expensive real estate files and plots is an old concept, get a website today and launch your idea. It would definitely increase its value over time. If the idea is right, the team is dedicated and if you are committed, no one can stop you from becoming an IT giant. 

Top Web Development Framework which we use for web development


 Web development frameworks provide you a readymade structure of your code. There are numbers of web development frameworks related to your need. It might be a difficult task for anyone to choose the best framework for his/her web development project. This list of famous frameworks can help you choose best.


                     Angular JS is the familiar name to someone who is well-aware of latest web development technologies. It is a JavaScript based open source front-end web application framework using MVC architectural pattern.


               Laravel released in 2011, it is a free and open source backend web development framework. It follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It has different features; some of them are multiple ways to access the relational database, modern packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager and much more.


              React JS is an open source JavaScript library. This library can be used in developing user interface of a web application. Building large application with large data which can constantly change over times is the main purpose of ReactJS.


               Node.js is web development framework but not only the framework but also the complete environment. It is used for specific reasons which can fulfill your needs. It is scalable, speedy and has a number of packages and extensions. It takes less parsing time and also JSON and AJAX communication is easy and natural.

Ruby On Rails:

                         Ruby on Rail is an open source framework and also from 2005 it is completely free of cost and runs on Linux. It is considered as the one of the favorite frameworks as developers enjoy using. From the developer’s perspective, Ruby is a fun programming language and easy to handle as compared to other technologies.


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