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Search Engine Marketing services are one of the most valuable in terms of business ROI. In order to understand the importance of SEO, you need to understand the related aspects. I will start with an example. We know how the bigger shopping malls work, they create an attractive infrastructure and then do the marketing to attract more customers. We see that a shopping mall has several brands providing various products. It is the responsibility of the mall to attract customers initially. Once the customers are in, it is up to the internal outlets to grab them and get more sales. If you think of your brand or services as one of the outlets in a shopping mall, you will see that Google is the shopping mall. Google is the most used search engine in the world. Millions of people find the required products or services on Google. The search engine in return displays ten websites on the first page. It is highly likely that 99.99% of the visitors will hire the ones on top. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO services) play a role. This is exactly why SEO is extremely important. You can get the most amazing website in the world, but if it is not ranked on Google, it is as good as having a lavishing superstore in the middle of nowhere. 

How Top SEO Experts Are Changing Lives?

We can show you a million websites that changed the lives of their owners. Hundreds of Dubai blogs and ecommerce websites are making millions of dollars every year. Our SEO experts have changed the lives of our clients who were initially at level zero. There are dozens of travel agencies who are getting leads and sales via Google. There are hundreds of ecommerce stores getting regular sales via our SEO services in Dubai and abroad. There are dozens of consultants who hired us for SEO services and we delivered them a great deal of business online. Consider Google as a potential customer provider and then think of those millions of queries that those customers write every second. Consider getting ranked on a keyword and getting regular phone calls. That's right, SEO services can expose you to the millions of potential customers online. It can potentially change your life and grow your business to the highest level.

How to Spot The TOP SEO Experts In Dubai?

Since there is a huge number of so-called SEO experts that you might find on Google. You might already be thinking that what an SEO expert should have in order to achieve goals. Well, being the top SEO experts in Dubai, we have come across hundreds of clients who were previously extremely unhappy with their services providers. When we analyzed what SEO work has been achieved for their websites, we realized that they were totally being looted. In order to deal with such a situation, our SEO experts have planned the whole SEO process to keep the clients updated. We don't just do our work, we also educate our clients and tell them how to keep track of our work. We teach them how they can actually see that their website is getting more visitors and that they are getting ranked. We also create an initial SEO audit report for FREE. The team follows that audit report and carry out their daily SEO tasks. Team AKAN focuses on the keywords that will get you filtered visitors. This way you will see a higher conversion rate. So, the best way to test our work is to get a FREE audit report and then visit our office for further discussion. We will keep you updated and informed. You will be able to cross verify our SEO work by logging into the premium SEO tools that we will provide. 

How Long Does It Take To Be Ranked On The First Page Of Google? 

SEO generally takes time. Our SEO experts keep creating link juice and similar stuff. It is, however, dependent upon the Google bots to index the links that we create. It is also dependent upon the current status of your website. Most new websites take at least 6 months to get properly indexed and ranked on Google. This is the time where the clients have to show patience. In order to maximize trust and satisfaction level of the clients, we create weekly and monthly reports. We mention the previous status and ranks and also show how the website is improving on a weekly basis. So, you don't really have to worry about all the technical stuff and just keep tracking the 'easy to understand' reports. 



If you are looking for the best SEO company in Dubai. You might already be confused. There are thousands of companies claiming to be the best in search engine marketing. However, let me tell you how to choose the right one yourself. There are SEO companies in Dubai that charge hundreds of thousands of rupees for the same services that other companies provide at a much less price. So, one factor is to find an SEO company that is not too expensive. You might also find some companies and freelancers promoting themselves as the "Cheap SEO Services Providers". To be honest, you can't buy a genuine apple phone at the price of a local handset (You know the name already). So, at what price should these services be? 

The Best Price SEO Services In Dubai - AKAN

AKAN is offering the best price SEO services in Dubai. We have different packages that suit different scales of businesses. for example, if you have a travel agency and you would like to be ranked on the keyword "cheap flights", you would definitely have to choose the highest package for that. However, if you have just started this agency and would like to get an optimum price for the website rankings. We would do the research and change this keyword to a long tail keyword. Let's say, "cheap flights from Dubai". This way the agency would get a reasonable chunk of the traffic at an optimum cost. This is exactly how we proceed with different kinds and scales of businesses. After all, we are here to do business and it can only grow if we help our partners. Stop searching for the cheap SEO services and just give us a call, we will make sure you get the best SEO package for your business. 

Top SEO Consultants In Dubai - Best SEO Experts At Your Service

We are working as the top SEO consultants with remarkably successful businesses throughout Dubai. It is always handy to have a team of SEO experts that can continuously rank multiple websites to great effect. We have been doing the SEO and related search engine marketing for the past few years. Stop waiting for the clients come to you, get the services of top SEO consultants and gran the market share yourself. 



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